Tammy Thomas or Tommy Tamus? Bearded Lady or Cycling Super Star?

The staff here at pista-bike would like to thank Tammy Thomas (or Tommy Tamus) for finally getting cycling on the front page news on ESPN. Of course, all of you know that Mr. Tamus was found guilty for perjury in the BALCO trial. This is bad for cycling, as it's another stick of wood on the woodpile that is professional cycling.

But on a positive note, Hey! We made ESPN! We haven't done that since Lance Armstrong won the tour...and you have to appreciate the dedication of a woman turning herself into a man all for the competitive edge of winning. There's not a lot of athletes out there with that amount of dedication. I commend him (er...her? uh...it?)

Granted, she may do some jail time, but I'm almost positive she won't be anybody's bitch.

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